Health center directors convene at ASU

<p>ASU will play host to a meeting of campus health center directors from nine universities around the country Nov. 2-3, to discuss national clinical benchmarking standards and survey methods.</p><separator></separator><p>Allan Markus, director of ASU Campus Health Service, is a member of a national committee working to develop quality standards and measurement tools for the American College Health Association (ACHA). The benchmarking committee works closely with the ACHA staff and has surveyed membership on multiple issues to determine how college health services are used.</p><separator></separator><p>“Their reports have set standards on college health center staffing, salaries, spacing and administrative issues,” Markus says. “This new phase of the committee will look at developing college health national benchmarks on clinical care. The goal is to start using evidence-based standards of quality care on various topics that are relevant to a college health service.</p><separator></separator><p>“Other committees have also done surveys trying to get at certain specific health issues, such as vaccination coverage.”</p><separator></separator><p>In addition to Markus, ASU campus health staffers who will be working with the committee include Janet Mullen, chief of operations, and Harold Cohen and Carrie Jankowski, co-directors of the ASU quality care committee. Participating universities include directors from Duke, Marquette, Loyola, Towson, Florida Atlantic, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of North Carolina and the New School.</p><separator></separator><p>ACHA is the principal advocate and leadership organization for college and university health, promoting research and practices to enhance members’ ability to advance the health of all students and the campus community.</p>