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Haiti relief efforts at ASU

January 21, 2010

Members of the university community are supporting relief efforts in Haiti. This page will be updated as more avenues to contribute to Haiti relief efforts become available for students, staff, faculty and alumni.

American Red Cross
The Salvation Army
World Vision
Operation USA
Doctors Without Borders

ASU Bookstores is accepting donations to the Red Cross on all four campuses. See related story.

ASU Community Events

Christa's Angels
Sustainability Ph.D. student Christa Brelsford was in Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010 volunteering for a community-based literacy and development organization when she was caught in the Port-au-Prince earthquake. As she recovers from losing her right leg, below the knee, in the quake, she is turning her focus back to the people in Haiti. Christa‚Äôs Angels is an initiative to support friends and colleagues in Darbonne and Fayett (Haiti) who saved Christa and her brother.

Stay up to date on efforts to raise money for a climbing prosthetic for Christa at the "Keep Christa Climbing" Facebook page.