'Green' event highlights minority opportunities

<p>AzBizGreen, the Arizona Minority Green Business Conference and Expo, will take place Jan. 16 at the ASU Mercado in Phoenix. The event will spotlight the economic opportunities that the global move to green (sustainability) presents for minority and women-owned businesses.</p><separator></separator><p>ASU at the Downtown Phoenix campus, in association with the Arizona Minority Business Enterprise Center (AMBEC), NxT Horizon magazine and ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability are playing host to the conference.</p><separator></separator><p>“By disrupting established supply chains, ‘green’ has leveled the business playing field,” says conference chair George Brooks Jr., publisher of NxT Horizon magazine. “We are at a unique time in history where small, flexible businesses that can rapidly innovate sustainable solutions can compete head-to-head with larger, more-established firms. This is an incredible opportunity for minority and women-owned enterprises that may not occur again for decades.”</p><separator></separator><p>Some 150 professionals and business owners are expected to attend the meeting. Workshops will range from “Building a Green-Procurement Program” to “Financing your New, Green Business Venture.”</p><separator></separator><p>“AzBizGreen is the next in a series of events helping to make ASU at the Downtown Phoenix campus an exciting place to be for the entire community,” says Mernoy Harrison, ASU’s executive vice president and provost who leads the Downtown Phoenix campus.</p><separator></separator><p>Detailed information on AzBizGreen is available online at <a href="http://www.nxthorizon.com">www.nxthorizon.com</a&gt; and <a href="http://www.ambec.com">www.ambec.com</a&gt;. Registration cost is $25 per person, and seating is limited.</p>