Graduate students study resiliency of Ugandan children

<p>Children residing in Uganda experience an overwhelming amount of loss and stress. Despite these adversities, many of the children display incredible resiliency.Natalie Eggum and her colleague, Julie Vaughan, who are graduate students in the doctoral program for Developmental Psychology at Arizona State University, conducted a research study to examine the resiliency of Ugandan children. <br /> <br /> In July of 2007, Natalie traveled with H4KI to Tororo, Uganda. With the assistance of True Vine Ministries’ staff and many H4KI team volunteers, Ugandan children were interviewed to obtain a deeper understanding of their resiliency, coping, and behavioral adjustment to the negative events occurring in their lives. In addition, data regarding children’s social support, self-worth, and hope were collected. <br /></p><separator></separator>Please go to the <a href="… 4 Kids International website</a> to read the rest of this story.</p>