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Graduate education programs gain national recognition

March 16, 2011

In its first year after expanding to serve all four campuses of Arizona State University, ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is ranked as one of the nation’s highest-quality graduate programs in education.

U.S. News & World Report ranked Teachers College 25th among public graduate schools of education and 35th among all public and private graduate programs in the field. Last year ASU’s graduate education programs ranked 25th and 35th respectively.

Five individual programs within Teachers College were singled out for top 25 rankings:

• Curriculum and Instruction: 17th among public graduate schools of education and 21st overall.

• Educational Policy: 10th among public graduate schools of education and 16th overall.

• Elementary Teacher Education: 16th among public graduate schools of education and 20th overall.

• Secondary Teacher Education: 13th among public graduate schools of education and 16th overall.

• Student Counseling and Personnel Services: 16th among public graduate schools of education and 18th overall.

“These impressive rankings speak to the quality of our programs, faculty and students,” said Mari Koerner, Teachers College dean. “The work of our college is centered around impact on schools and the community.  We prepare graduate students to make positive changes for all students. Our college takes pride in our faculty who are great teachers, who receive grant awards for their research – much of which directly benefits local schools – and who continue to contribute to the academic community through scholarship. We have faculty who include a Nobel Prize winner, Fulbright scholars, and many dozens of faculty members who are dedicated to providing curriculum innovations both at the university level and in PreKindergarten-12th grade settings. They are bold, flexible and committed.

“This recognition also gives me an opportunity to express my appreciation to the faculty as well as the students and staff of Teachers College. The past year has been one of tremendous growth and change within the college, and our success is due to the hard work and flexibility of countless individuals at all levels,” Koerner said.

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College offers world-class academic programs for educators and scholars preparing to enter or advance in the profession. Teachers College provides challenging educational programs to prepare successful and highly qualified PreK-12 teachers. The College offers programs for those interested in advanced study and research activities leading to careers in school leadership, school and educational psychology, education policy, education technology, higher and post-secondary education, and other fields.