GlobalResolve | Student bios

<h2><br />Chris Bellesia</h2><p>Chris Bellesia is a junior in the W.P. Carey School of Business majoring in Supply Chain Management. He will be working on issues related to the production and distribution of the gel fuel in Ghana. Chris is interested in sustainable development issues, improving carbon markets and using socially innovative business models to serve the “bottom of the pyramid” market. In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing soccer, going to music festivals and traveling. He hopes to one day live on a solar powered yacht.</p><separator></separator><h2><br />Nalini Chhetri </h2><p>Nalini Chhetri is a researcher with the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes, as well as a lecturer with the School of Letters and Sciences. She will be in charge of conducting participatory assessments of village needs, and the access and availability of resources. Nalini’s history working in development and academia makes her eager to perform “use-inspired” field research in Africa. This mother of two is fluent in four languages and in her spare time enjoys gardening and reading.</p><separator></separator><h2><br />John Hanko </h2><p>John Hanko is a senior in mechanical engineering at Arizona State University, with a focus in thermodynamics and fire protection. He became involved with GlobalResolve as part of his senior design capstone. John played a large role in working to produce an ethanol gel fuel that will reduce indoor air pollution given off by stoves. During the trip he is looking forward to getting feedback from the villagers about the cook stoves, and making any necessary design changes. When he isn’t out riding motorcycles, John can be found in the kitchen cooking a delicious Mexican or Cajon style dish.  </p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p><separator></separator><h2>Mark Henderson</h2><p>As the director of GlobalResolve and trip coordinator, Mark Henderson will be traveling to Ghana in part to check on the status of projects implemented during previous trips. He will also be meeting with the Institute of Technology and Energy to plan a research program on gel fuel marketing and supply chain development. Mark is most looking forward to reuniting with his friends in the village of Domeabra. When he is not busy working with GlobalResolve, Mark can be found playing the Euphonium in the Ahwatukee Foothills Community Band.</p><separator></separator><h2><br />Stephan Lovern</h2><p>Stephan Lovern is a recent graduate of Arizona State University with degree in mechanical engineering and secondary focus area in thermodynamics. Throughout his college career he was involved with helping to create various projects including a simulated radio and a rube-goldberg machine. Stephan took part in assisting the GlobalResolve team to design a water purification system, as well as a smokeless gel fuel stove for the village in Domeabra. Additionally, he worked on a team assisting the Hopi Nation in determining the feasibility of wind power generation.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p><separator></separator><h2>Brian McCollow </h2><p>Brian McCollow is an undergraduate majoring in Sustainability at Arizona State University. He is pursuing minors in both Global studies as well as Design Studies. Brian has held various positions in numerous clubs across campus such as President of RAD Recycling, Co-President of TOMS@ASU and Representative to RHA. During his trip to Ghana he will be blogging about daily experiences and the progress the group has made since their last visit. In preparation for trip, Brian spent many hours reading travel guides and books about what to expect on his first visit.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p><separator></separator><h2>Bradley Rogers</h2><p>Bradley Rogers is the director of research and development for Global Resolve and a faculty member at Arizona State University. He is hoping that his fourth trip to Ghana will provide insight on the progression of projects introduced to the village in the past. Bradley is planning on using his time to further develop ideas that GlobalResolve is working on for future projects that will help the villagers in their everyday lives. He says he is also very excited to see his Ghanaian friends.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p><separator></separator><h2>John Woolschlager </h2><p>John Woolschlager is a faculty member in the Engineering Department at Arizona State University. He will be using his expertise in water treatment and sanitation to survey the villages of Fawomanye and Goma Daga to evaluate the current conditions of their water supply and sanitation facilities. John is eager to further his knowledge of global sustainability while in Ghana. The Texas native says in addition to engineering, he prefers spending his free time sailing.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p>