Global Technology and Development program moves into School of Letters and Sciences

As observed in recent events around the world communication tools such as social media, cell phone accessibility and video-recording capabilities have influenced the rise and fall of governmental leaders and rebels alike. The global education system must inspire young people to learn how to adapt and grow through this process so that they will be prepared to mold it along the way and improve global social, political and development agendas. The Global Technology and Development (GTD) program at Arizona State University is rising to this challenge.

Since 2001 GTD has produced globally and socially oriented thought leaders that have gone out into the world and broken new ground for organizations such as the Peace Corps, U.S. Agency for International Development and the Department of State. With much success and growth in the program, GTD is pleased to announce its move into the School of Letters and Sciences at ASU. The globally and socially focused initiatives existing within this school are a perfect fit for the cultivation of the GTD program.

“Life is changing in ways that are felt by every nation and every people around the world. The GTD program provides a framework for understanding this global transformation and empowering students to address those changes through a variety of modalities. Our students can learn either on-campus or online and will be able to find a multitude of ways to make a difference upon graduation,” said Gary Grossman, director of GTD program.

Plans include faculty and student participation within international development projects as a result of coalitions formed between GTD and other globally and socially focused academic institutions, professional organizations and businesses.

The program has also launched a fully online degree program positioned to accommodate students living and working abroad. The masters of science in global technology and development focuses on international socioeconomic and political change, emphasizing technology and the current processes of globalization.

“GTD is looking forward to future growth opportunities that will develop as a result of its new home at the School of Letters and Sciences at ASU. The central focus of both the school and GTD is to provide students across ASU with the knowledge and skills to comprehend and effectively engage the changing world of the 21st century at local, national and global levels. This provides new opportunities for faculty and student participation in global development initiatives, continuing education and career outlooks,” said Grossman.