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Global businesses Sebit, Ubidyne choose SkySong

February 02, 2007

SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, soon will be the home for two global U.S. headquarters.

Sebit, an eLearning company from Turkey, and Ubidyne, a wireless technology developer from Germany, will launch operations in Arizona this month. For both firms, their SkySong operations will be their first entries into the U.S. market.

Sebit, a renowned eLearning leader and innovator in eEducation, has worldwide experience in developing best-in-class education materials for grades K-12 by combining conceptual learning with state-of-the-art visualization and interactivity.

Sebit will maintain a temporary office in Tempe until its SkySong space is ready.

Sebit engineers have U.S. market projects under way, including several eLearning collaborations with ASU. For example, Sebit is working on a “Professional Communities to Support Mathematics, Science and Classroom Behavior” project with ASU faculty members from the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education, the College of Teacher Education at the West campus, and the Applied Learning Technologies Institute.

The project is designed to improve mathematics and science education in the Turkish middle-school grades (sixth through eighth grades). Through this partnership, Sebit and ASU are combining experience and expertise to address local and global needs of the educational communities.

Sebit, founded in 1988, has clientele worldwide, including telecommunications giant Siemens, the Malaysian Ministry of Education, the European Commision and Coca-Cola. Siemens engaged Sebit from 2002-2006 to handle its entire eLearning group.

Ubidyne, a Siemens spinoff company, is a developer of the next-generation wireless base station technology. Ubidyne's founder, Werner Korte, was an early pioneer of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), the world's leading wireless standard. Ubidyne's innovative digital radio frequency technology will enable extremely efficient and compact mobile base stations needed by third- and fourth-generation wireless networks.

Ubidyne is recruiting the world's best analog and mixed-signal chip designers to work either in Tempe or in Ulm, Germany. Initially, Ubidyne will lease 5,000 square feet of space at SkySong, with seven engineers on staff. More than 25 staff members are expected to be on board by December.

Ubidyne is financed by Accel Partners and TVM Capital, both multi-billion-dollar venture capital firms. The founders and team completed more than 200 chip designs and 75 patents before the formation of Ubidyne.

Connection One, a National Science Foundation and industry-university cooperative research center, already has established a partnership with Ubidyne. The relationship was a key factor in Ubidyne's U.S. headquarters location decision.

ASU engineering professor Sayfe Kiaei is director of Connection One.

Sebit and Ubidyne will join other technology companies locating at SkySong, including eFunds, Qwest, Aurigin Technology (Singapore), Fscreen Ltd. (China), and Litree (China), as well as ASU research and entrepreneurial units, including ASU Technopolis, InnovationSpace and Technology Based Learning and Research.