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GEN article features Marchant, conference panelists

June 16, 2010

An article in the June 15 issue of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, “Pharmacogenomics on Its Way Toward Clinic,” is rooted in a conference co-hosted in March by the College of Law’s Center for Law, Science & Innovation.

Reporter Catherine Shaffer interviewed Gary Marchant, the Center’s Executive Director and a planning committee member for the March 8-9 conference, “Personalized Medicine in the Clinic: Policy, Legal, and Ethical Implications,’ about moving pharmacogenomics from theory to practice.

Legal liability is an emerging issue with no easy answers, Marchant told Shaffer. “Very few doctors have training in genetics to handle those issues; most of them don’t look at the primary literature, and it’s all subject to retrospective analysis in the courtroom,” he said.

Shaffer also spoke with several conference participants, renowned leaders and scientists at the cutting edge of clinical patient care, cancer research and pathology, among others.

To read the full article, click here.

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