Furnish presents papers at a seminar in Spain

Dale Furnish, Emeritus Professor of Law, will present a paper at the VII Seminario de Derecho Internacional Privado (Seminar of Private International Law) at Complutense University in Madrid on April 11-12.

His paper, titled “El Nacionalismo Registral del Código de Comercio Estadounidense” (U.S. Nationalism Registration Commerce Code,) will be published in the 2012 Anuario Español de Derecho Internacional Privado (2012 Annual Journal of Private International Law.)

Furnish was the only U.S. scholar invited to present at the seminar, which will welcome speakers from all over the world, including Belgium, Germany, France, China, Puerto Rico, Panama, Mexico, Italy and Venezuela.

Furnish enjoys an international reputation for his work in comparative law and International commercial and trade law, as well as U.S. commercial law.  Bilingual in Spanish, he has been invited to teach and speak in every country in South and Central America.