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Furnish consults with Salvadoran government on transactions law

March 29, 2010

Dale Beck Furnish, Emeritus Professor of Law, recently served as a consultant to the Salvadoran government on drafting a law of secured transactions for that country.

Furnish worked with officials in San Salvador from March 15-19.

Furnish enjoys an international reputation for his work in comparative law and International commercial and trade law, as well as U.S. commercial law. Bilingual in Spanish, he has been invited to teach and speak in every country in South and Central America, and has served as Visiting Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the University of Sonora, Mexico (UNISON) and on two occasions at the Catholic University of Peru. Professor Furnish was elected a Supernumerary Member of the Mexican Academy of Private International and Comparative Law in 2003, one of only two U.S. jurists so honored to date.

Furnish joined the faculty in 1970, following a clerkship with Judge Martin D. VanOosterhout of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Eighth District and stints in Peru with USAID and in Chile with the Ford Foundation. On leave from the College of Law, he practiced law in Phoenix from 1987-1992 with Molloy, Jones & Donahue, chiefly in the field of bankruptcy litigation. He has taught courses on Contracts, Secured Transactions and other Uniform Commercial Code topics, Creditor-Debtor, Bankruptcy, Mexican (Comparative) Law and NAFTA.

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