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Forensic science conference in 'Arizona Republic'

April 06, 2009

Remarks on forensic science by The Honorable Harry T. Edwards, chief judge emeritus for the Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., were reported in the April 4 edition of The Arizona Republic.

Reporter Dennis Wagner wrote that Edwards, who headed a national study of forensic-science failures in the justice system, is urging Congress to create an independent government institute to oversee crime labs and expert witnesses.

"The forensic-science community has been plagued with serious problems ... (that) cannot be cured without significant federal action," Edwards said. "What is needed is a massive overhaul of the forensic-science system in the United States."

Edwards delivered the 13th Annual Willard H. Pedrick Lecture on Friday, April 3, as part of a two-day symposium, "Forensic Science for the 21st Century," sponsored by the College of Law.

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