Folk Musician Mike Seeger comes to ASU

<p>The ASU Herberger College School of Music welcomes Mike Seeger, one of American&#39;s premier traditional folk-music artists. Seeger will perform songs from his album, “Music From True Vine,” beginning at 7:30 p.m., April 18.</p><separator></separator><p>Interest in traditional folk music is increasing on campus and in the community. Seeger&#39;s research in southern Appalachian folk traditions has positioned him as one of the leading performers and scholars of this music. This traditional folk music grows out of hundreds of years of British and African musical traditions to produce songs and sounds that are unique to the United States . This music is the roots of today&#39;s country, bluegrass and popular music.</p><separator></separator><p>“His performances include a wide variety of styles, including blues, traditional ballads and bluegrass breakdowns, and represent the music that was created by common people for their own enjoyment.” says Karen Bryan, associate director of undergraduate studies in the Herberger College School of Music.”</p><separator></separator><p>Seeger plays a wide variety of traditional styles and an array of instruments, including banjo, fiddle, guitar, trump (jaw harp), mouth harp (harmonica), quills, lap dulcimer, mandolin and Autoharp. Like earlier old-time musicians, Seeger seeks out his own vision of the music, making the music uniquely his own.</p><separator></separator><p>Tickets for the performance are $8 and can be purchased through the Herberger College box office by calling (480) 965-6447.</p>