Flight Students Take a Ride in Only Altitude Chamber in Stat

<p>MESA, Ariz. School might be out for most college students, but a few Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus flight students stayed behind so that they would be the first in their class to experience a ride in the ASU's Polytechnic campus Altitude Chamber. The &quot;chamber&quot; was part of the property conveyance when the Air Force vacated the premises in 1993.</p><separator></separator><p> Students will be put through a series of exercises on Tuesday, May 22, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at ASU's Polytechnic campus, located on the Williams Campus at the intersection of Power and Williams Field roads.</p><separator></separator><p> According to Professor Andrew E. Jackson, the training simulates altitude changes and the resulting changes in atmospheric pressure.</p><separator></separator><p>Training in the altitude chamber takes current and future pilots through exercises to aid in the recognition of hypoxia, resulting from loss of cabin pressurization in flight. The training is designed to prevent events like those that claimed the lives of golfer Payne Stewart and his flight crew more than a year ago.</p><separator></separator><p> Within the next month, the chamber will be available to aviation companies and to the general aviation public to improve their training programs.</p>