First Innovations Initiative connects with tribal communities

<p><strong>President's Award for Innovation:</strong> First Innovation Initiative</p><separator></separator><p>The First Innovations Initiative at ASU is a successful collaboration between the American Indian Policy Institute, Venture Catalyst at SkySong and the American Indian Studies program. The initiative team has developed an innovative approach and unique curriculum that is a cultural match with the long-term goals of tribal communities. Tribal leaders are determined to build strong, vibrant communities and tribes share a fundamental value of sustainability.&nbsp; <br /><br />The team has delivered a two-course sequence and is launching a field course to reconnect with American Indian innovation and entrepreneurship. The unique curriculum synthesizes instruction in developing ideas to solve challenges and implementing the ideas within a sustainable tribal context. The curriculum includes extensive readings and presentations by American Indian innovators and entrepreneurs.</p><separator></separator><p>The approach and curriculum are also of value to any student interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in a cultural context that places high value on sustainability. Through partnerships with businesses, organizations and agencies this unique Initiative is gaining national recognition and having major impact. <br /><br />Team members:</p><separator></separator><p>• Eddie F. Brown, American Indian Policy Institute/American Indian Studies.</p><separator></separator><p>• Teresita Clashin, American Indian Policy Institute.</p><separator></separator><p>• Michelle Hale, American Indian Studies.</p><separator></separator><p>• Patricia Mariella, American Indian Policy Institute.</p><separator></separator><p>• Dan O'Neill, Venture Catalyst at ASU SkySong.</p><separator></separator><p>• John Tippeconnic, American Indian Studies.</p><separator></separator><p>• Fonda Walters, American Indian Policy Institute.</p>