Film students' work receives rave reviews in national film fest

Five films produced by the Film and Media Production Program, in ASU's School of Theatre and Film, are receiving rave reviews in SeeFlik, a national student festival that includes competitions for both audience choice and juried panels. 

The five entries have made it into two competitions within the SeeFlik Festival: the juried track and the audience choice, where viewers choose their Top 20 Fan Favorites.

“Our students are competing with filmmakers from the best schools in the country,” says Adam Collis, a visiting professor of film directing. “This is a great testament to the ASU Film and Media Production program and we urge you to go online and vote.”

To view and vote for the films and their directors, visit Voting ends Feb. 17.

If they win, the students will receive an estimated $50,000 in prizes.

Each film was written, directed, produced, crewed and in some cases acted by students at the ASU School of Theatre and Film in the Herberger Institute. ASU entries for the Top 20 Judges Picks are "Cadet," by Ryan Steiner; "Good Injuns," by Chris Meyers; "The Fixer," by Nicolas Mihm and "Strings," by Kimberly Aiello.

The Top 20 Fan Favorites include "Cadet" and "Good Injuns," as well as Hayley Kosan's "The Understudy."

The films are part of the 15 Into 50 Film Festival initiative that challenged ASU film students to place at least 15 student films in 50 national level competitions each year, says F. Miguel Valenti, founder and director of the ASU Film and Media Production programs, and Lincoln Professor of Ethics and the Arts.

"As an aspiring filmmaker, the 15 Into 50 program has been a great motivator,'' says Meyers, director of "Good Injuns."

"Initially, I was skeptical about applying to Seeflik, but the idea of getting the film exposure as well as promoting ASU film really sold me on the idea," Meyers adds. "It's been really encouraging to see ASU doing so well, and it's only a matter of time until people start to take notice."