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Fellmeth, Sylvester speak at Salem conference

March 10, 2009

Two faculty members at the College of Law, Professor Aaron Fellmeth and Doug Sylvester, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development, participated in a conference, International Law - Weekend West, on March 6-7 at Williamette University College of Law in Salem, Ore.

Fellmeth moderated and Sylvester was a member of the panel, "Empirical Approaches to the International Law of War," at the biennial conference of the American Branch of the International Law Association. The program assembled legal practitioners, scholars and students to discuss cutting-edge issues in public and private international law and international transactions.

Fellmeth also was a panelist on "Transnational IP Law and Enforcement Within a TRIPS Framework."

Fellmeth has studied international law from an interdisciplinary perspective since 1991. His research and teaching focus on international law jurisprudence and the formation of rules of customary international law in contested subjects, such as evolving human rights issues, espionage and covert action, psychological manipulation, conventional and asymmetrical armed conflict, and the internationalization of intellectual property rights. He also is a leading expert on the law and regulation of international business transactions and intellectual property with a special focus on patent law and technology. He teaches Public International Law, International Business Transactions, Research Methods in International Law, and Patent Law.

Sylvester publishes, teaches and lectures on issues of intellectual property law and commercialization, international law, emerging technologies and privacy. In 2006, he taught Nanotechnology and the Law, the first time such a course was offered in the country by full-time law faculty. As Associate Dean, he is responsible for building an environment that fosters faculty scholarship, organizing speaker series, mentoring junior faculty, and seeking innovative ways to increase the faculty's visibility.

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