Feller to speak at Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute

Professor Joseph Feller will speak at the plenary session of the 58th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute in Newport Beach, Calif., in July. The title of the session is, “The Five Worst Developments in Public Land Law and Policy Since the Passage of FLPMA.”

The three-day institute is the largest gathering of natural resource lawyers in the United States.

To view the brochure for the institute, click here.

Feller teaches Water Law, Natural Resources Law and Property. Since joining the College in 1987, he also has taught Civil Procedure, Western River Management: Law & Science, Western Forest and Range Management: Law & Science, and the Civil Practice Clinic. Each spring, he leads law students on a field seminar to national forests, national parks and monuments, and other public lands in Northern Arizona to expose them to some of the people, places and issues involved in the implementation of natural resource laws. He was on leave from 2008-2011, serving as senior counsel to the National Wildlife Federation in its Rocky Mountain Natural Resource Center in Boulder, Colo., and teaching at the University of Colorado Law School.