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Feller quoted in 'Capitol Times'

November 10, 2009

A Nov. 5 article in the Arizona Capitol Times about a recent court ruling that could have fundamentally changed water law in the state included comments from Professor Joe Feller, of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.

In the article, "SRP loses again in Prescott water ranch case," Feller told reporter Jim Small that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Oberbillig's assessment of existing law seem appropriate. The judge said the utility was asking him to ignore clearly written parts of the Groundwater Management Act, and noted that, if the law needs to be changed, the legislature is the branch of government that should do it.

The law is constitutional, Feller said, "But there's a big difference between being constitutional and being well-thought-out. This (law) does not seem well-thought-out."

To read the full article, click here.

Feller teaches Water Law, Natural Resources Law and Property. Since joining the College in 1987, Professor Feller also has taught Civil Procedure, Western River Management: Law & Science, Western Forest and Range Management: Law & Science, and the Civil Practice Clinic. He currently is on leave, serving as senior counsel to the National Wildlife Federation in its Rocky Mountain Natural Resource Center in Boulder, Colo.

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