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Feller blogs on Bush policy

February 18, 2009

Professor Joe Feller, of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, recently blogged about the Bush administration's 2003 proposed regulations to govern livestock grazing on more than 150 million acres of federal public lands for the Center for Progressive Reform, of which he is a Member Scholar.

In an entry dated Tuesday, Jan. 20, Feller wrote that the regulations, which the administration said were designed to "improve working relationships between the government and ranchers" and "protect the health of the rangelands," instead would have had deleterious results.

"The new regulations would have repealed some important environmental standards and rendered others unenforceable, removed opportunities for public notice and input, slanted analyses and appeals procedures to favor ranchers over the environment, and made it easier for ranchers convicted of environmental crimes to obtain grazing permits," Feller wrote.

To read about what happened to the regulations, click here.

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