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Feasts with friends from afar key to formation of Peruvian civilization

How did small, isolated groups of ancient humans come to form complex societies?

To gain some insight, said author Charles Stanish in, researchers studied the role of feasts in an ancient Peruvian society, Paracas. They wanted to determine whether these large communal events helped this society grow by consolidating a single group, or by bringing together diverse groups. photo of hands reaching over dinner table Download Full Image

Kelly Knudson, a professor in Arizona State University’s School of Human Evolution and Social Change and director of its Center for Bioarchaeological Research, performed chemical analyses of organic remains from an ancient feasting site. Her work revealed that the feast elements came from a very broad range of ecozones all around the south central Andes.

This suggests that widespread alliances were a crucial part of building a civilization, at least for Paracas society.

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Mikala Kass

Communications Specialist, ASU Knowledge Enterprise