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Explosion at ASU update: 12:30

March 10, 2009

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Arizona State University Media Advisory

Four fatalities have been reported from this morning’s explosion at Sun Devil Stadium.

A total of 59 people are unaccounted for: 38 from Sodexo food services and 21 from ProEm security services.

Injured persons are being treated at Sun Angel Stadium and East Practice Field. There are still injured persons in Sun Devil Stadium, and their evacuation is ongoing. The approximate number of injuries at the stadium is 77. Canine teams are on the scene inspecting the stadium.

Streets closed in the vicinity of the stadium are Rio Salado, Packard Drive, and Stadium Drive. No traffic or pedestrians are being allowed in the area.

ASU students and those at the game are cooperating with FBI and local police.

At Wells Fargo Arena, no fatalities or injuries have been reported. The building received damage from debris from the Sun Devil Stadium explosion. A clinic scheduled for tomorrow at Wells Fargo Arena has been cancelled.

A fraternity house at 606 Alpha Drive was damaged when a vehicle axle went through the building’s roof. No injuries have been reported from that incident. Windows were broken at the Carson Center, Manzanita Hall and San Pablo Hall.

Authorities have taken over Metro Light Rail between Apache Station and Municipal Park.

Everyone who were at the sporting events is advised to contact family members to let them know they are OK. Students also are asked to go to and register themselves. This is the link to the American Red Cross disaster site where people can list themselves as safe, and those who are searching for people can check the site.

An emergency number at ASU to report that you are safe and well is 877-240-9735.