Emerging nonprofit leaders earn NextGen scholarships

<p>Six ASU American Humanics (AH) students have been awarded Next Generation Nonprofit Leaders Program (NextGen) scholarships. These students will each receive $4,500 from NextGen as part of a multi-year Kellogg Foundation Grant to American Humanics, Inc. to support students across the American Humanics campus affiliate network. The NextGen scholarships support costs associated with the students’ senior internships in nonprofits.</p><separator></separator><p>ASU American Humanics NextGen scholarship recipients:</p><separator></separator><p>• Jackie Erickson of Phoenix<br />• Andrew Norwood of Panora, Iowa<br />• Miquette Reardon of Denver<br />• Stephanie Robertson of Phoenix<br />• Nicholas Shreffler of Highland, Ind.<br />• Courtney Sutherland of Prescott, Ariz.</p><separator></separator><p>This group of scholarship recipients was awarded a total of $27,000. Since the establishment of the NextGen program, ASU AH students have received $148,500 in NextGen scholarships. In the past, nonprofits at which NextGen awardees have interned contributed $24,600 in match monies. That means, to date, ASU AH students have received a total of $173,100 in support of the costs associated with their senior internships.</p><separator></separator><p>“Our students lead the nation in earning NextGen scholarships,” said Dr. Robert F. Ashcraft, Executive Director of the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation and professor of nonprofit studies. “These young leaders are an inspiration to us all as they benefit from these scholarships to engage in their senior internships and graduate as change agents into the nonprofit career field.”</p><separator></separator><p>In addition to the opportunity to apply for the NextGen scholarship, American Humanics students attend the American Humanics Management/Leadership Institute (AHMI), an annual professional development conference. The next AHMI, “Rising to New Heights: Igniting the sector through innovative leadership and collaboration,” takes place January 3-6, 2010 in Phoenix.</p><separator></separator><p>“Serving as the host school for AHMI provides our students with the unique opportunity to serve as stewards not only for the nonprofit sector, but also for the Phoenix community,” said Stephanie La Loggia, Faculty Associate for ASU AH. “We are so pleased to welcome thousands of AH students and nonprofit professionals from across the country.”</p><separator></separator><p>Registration information for AHMI is available at: <a href="http://www.humanics.org/site/c.omL2KiN4LvH/b.1098897/k.58FA/Management_… in 1980, ASU American Humanics is a program of the School of Community Resources and Development, in association with the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation (formerly the Center for Nonprofit Leadership and Management). ASU is one of the leading programs in the nation, preparing future nonprofit professionals. Students pursuing American Humanics certification complete various experiential requirements including active participation in the student association, 18 credit hours of in-class coursework, and a 12 credit hour internship. For more information, visit: <a href="http://www.asu.edu/copp/nonprofit/edu/ah.htm">http://www.asu.edu/copp/n… ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation (formerly the ASU Center for Nonprofit Leadership and Management), is recognized as a national leader in undergraduate and graduate nonprofit education, research and technical assistance. The ASU Lodestar Center exists to enhance the quality of life in communities through the advancement of nonprofit leadership practices and provides knowledge and tools to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations, professionals, board members, donors and volunteers by offering a selection of capacity building workshops, conferences, classes, and programs. For more information, visit: <a href="http://nonprofit.asu.edu/&quot; title="http://nonprofit.asu.edu/">http://nonprofit.asu.edu</a>.</p&gt;