Ellman to represent U.S. at marital conference in England

<p>Professor <a href="http://www.law.asu.edu/Apps/Faculty/Faculty.aspx?individual_id=10">Ira Ellman</a> has been invited to represent the United States at a June conference at the University of Cambridge on &quot;<a href="http://www.cels.law.cam.ac.uk/marital_agreements/">Marital Agreements and Private Autonomy in a Comparative Perspective</a>.&quot;</p><separator></separator><p>Ellman will be the American voice at the conference, which is designed to assist the English Law Commission in its deliberations on possible changes to the English law on marital agreements.</p><separator></separator><p>The conference includes speakers from a dozen countries and their papers later will be assembled into a book. Following the public portion of the meeting, there will be a private workshop for discussion between the presenters and the Commission members.</p><separator></separator><p>The other speakers are:<br />• Professor Katharina Boele-Woelki, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands;<br />• Dr. Anatol Dutta, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and Private International Law, Germany;<br />• Professor Susanne Ferrari, Universitat Graz, Austria;<br />• Professor Josep Ferrer i Riba, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain;<br />• Professor Owen Jessep, University of New South Wales, Australia;<br />• Professor Maarit Jantera-Jarebog, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden;<br />• Professor Wai Kum Leong, National University of Singapore;<br />• Jo Miles, University of Cambridge, England;<br />• Professor Kenneth Norrie, University of Strathclyde, Scotland;<br />• Professor Walter Pintens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium;</p><separator></separator><p>In addition, Dr. Jens M. Scherpe, University of Cambridge, England, will give the introduction; Professor Elizabeth J. Cooke, Law Commissioner for England and Wales and University of Reading, England, will explain the Law Commission's project; and Mark Harper, Partner, Withers LLP, London, England, will give a practitioner's view.</p><separator></separator><p><span lang="EN">Judy Nichols, <a href="mailto:Judith.Nichols@asu.edu">Judith.Nichols@asu.edu</a><br />(480) 727-7895 <br />Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law</span></p>