Eight, Arizona PBS series offers new look at how America runs

Taking viewers on an aerial journey cross-country to see what makes America run, Eight’s mini-series "America Revealed" includes stories about two Arizona communities – Chandler and Kingman. The new PBS program offers an unusual perspective on how Americans manufacture goods, transport people and materials, grow tons of food and power our progressive, tech-savvy nation. Starting April 11, it airs at 9 p.m., Wednesdays, on Eight, Arizona PBS. 

“Arizonans especially will want to tune in for the segments featuring Chandler and Kingman,” said Kelly McCullough, Eight’s general manager. “Few of us can grasp the enormity of powering America, and looking inside Chandler’s Intel plant illustrates that perfectly. In Kingman, we come to appreciate the vital role of rural school buses in delivering our children’s education.”

Presenting "America Revealed" is host Yul Kwon, a technology expert best known for starring in the popular TV show "Survivor." Throughout the series, Kwon keeps it action-packed, jumping out of airplanes, helping a farmer harvest his crops, riding with a Las Vegas cabby, and more to give viewers a first-hand look at how our vast, complex country actually works.

In "Nation on the Move," airing April 18, the Kingman segment reveals the complexities behind the nation’s school bus system. For many rural areas, the school bus is the only mode of transportation for shuttling students to and from school. Nationally, America enlists an army of school bus drivers a half-million strong. As Kwon explains, minus these buses and their drivers, many children would miss out on an education.

Watch a preview of the Kingman segment here: http://ow.ly/a6WEf

"America Revealed" highlights Chandler on May 2 in "Made in the USA." Home to what may be the most innovative manufacturing site on Earth, Chandler houses an enormous Intel microchip factory. Kwon takes viewers inside the factory, and the microchips, which are kept 1,000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room, with masks and clean suits required for anyone who enters.

Watch a clip of the Chandler segment here: http://ow.ly/a6WAK

“The program’s aerial photography and cutting-edge visual techniques provide a glimpse of the nation never seen before,” McCullough said. “And showcasing two Arizona communities will make the program all the more meaningful to Eight viewers.”