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Demaine, Fellmeth to take sabatticals in Spain

May 11, 2010

Professors Linda Demaine and Aaron Fellmeth will be visiting scholars at the University of Barcelona Faculty of Law and the Autonomous University of Barcelona Faculty of Law in Spain during the fall of 2010.

While visiting the two major law schools in Barcelona, Demaine and Fellmeth, both Faculty Fellows in the Center for Law, Science & Innovation, will continue their research.

Demaine is an Affilated Professor of Psychology and Director of the Law and Psychology Graduate Program, whose research interests include the empirical analysis of law, legal procedure, and legal decision making, the application of legal and psychological perspectives to social issues, ethical, legal, and social issues deriving from advances in technology, and information campaigns and persuasion. She teaches a Torts course and seminars in Law and Psychology and Cults and Alternative Religions. In 2005, she founded the Law and Psychology J.D./Ph.D. program, a joint venture of the College and ASU’s Department of Psychology that focuses on the analysis and improvement of law and public policy.

Fellmeth has studied international law from an interdisciplinary perspective since 1991. His research and teaching focus on international law jurisprudence and the formation of rules of customary international law in contested subjects, such as evolving human rights issues, espionage and covert action, psychological manipulation, new technologies in conventional and asymmetrical armed conflict, and the internationalization of intellectual property rights. Fellmeth also is a leading expert on the law and regulation of international business transactions and intellectual property with a special focus on patent law and technology. He teaches Public International Law, International Business Transactions, Research Methods in International Law, International Trade Law, and Patent Law.

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