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A deeper inside view: The future of medical imaging

February 17, 2011

Adults’ Night Out
7 p.m., March 4
Arizona Science Center

Biomedical engineers are poised to move us beyond X-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, ultrasound scans and other familiar medical imaging technologies of today.

Kevin Bennett, assistant professor in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering at Arizona State University and director of the Magnetic Imaging Resonance Center, will give the Arizona Science Center’s Adults’ Night Out presentation on where emerging technology for detecting and diagnosing disease is heading.

New techniques will enable us to “see” inside the body – down to the molecular and cellular levels – without biopsies or physically invasive procedures, and allow us to better understand the mechanisms of disease at a fundamental level, and to develop better ways to treat patients on a personal basis.

He’ll also look at advances in genetic engineering and how they are being applied to development of new forms of treatment for diseases – and talk about the work ASU engineers are doing with major medical research institutions to help make those advances in technology and treatment.  

Admission is free. The Arizona Science Center is at 600 E. Washington Street in downtown Phoenix. More information: