Dear Sun Devil student fans

Column by Nathan McWhortor, ASU News

Dear Sun Devil Student,

Yes you, the one who gives me a passing glance in the dining hall, at Starbucks and on the shuttle.

I have a message for you and it’s simple: WAKE UP!

Do you even know what is going on right now? YOUR football team is 5-1 and heading into the most important part of the season. I know you haven’t had a chance to check them out because you’ve been “busy” or perhaps you did but you left at halftime. Well you might not realize this but this team is like none you’ve ever seen.

Sure last year was filled with overflowing hype and disappointing results and you feel hurt, jaded, and let down but believe me, we all did. So that’s why I come to you now. YOU need to be the change, it starts with YOU.

This school and this team thrive off you being at the game. It thrives off you staying the entire game and being loud.

On Oct. 18 we take on Oregon, which is pretty much the biggest matchup we’ve seen at home since you’ve been a student (even bigger than UGA you 5th year seniors).

Oregon is undefeated and (as of right now) is No. 2 in the country. All the pundits and “experts” are barely talking about this game and that’s just fine because we have been underestimated in the past and overcome enormous odds to shake up what’s “normal”.

This school boasts its dedication to “change” and “innovation” and I am 100% positive you do that in your schoolwork and everyday life, but now is your chance to be a part of change in front of the whole country. Right now nobody respects your school, but you have a chance to change that.

So again, my challenge to you is: show up, stay all game, be loud, and wear black. You won’t regret it.

Go State,The Guy with the Beard