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Connect with prospective students at More to Explore event Feb. 17

February 13, 2014

Now is the time that prospective students are making their decisions where to attend college. On Monday, Feb. 17, more than 1,500 students and 2,500 guests from across the United States will visit Arizona State University for More to Explore – ASU’s single largest freshman yield event of the year, both in size and in impact.

This is an important opportunity for all of us to help them feel like a part of ASU. 

More to Explore is a conference-style event where students are invited to choose their own schedules on topics that interest them most. They will gather information about financial aid, their college and major, student life, housing and involvement opportunities.

Most students are also invited to the Overnight Experience, an opportunity to spend the night in a residence hall to see what living on campus is like.

Quick Facts:

• RSVPs for Downtown Phoenix campus are up 6 percent; up 138 percent for Polytechnic campus; up 89 percent for Tempe campus; and up 152 percent for West campus.

• Last year, about 71 percent of the students who attended More to Explore continued on to enroll at ASU.

• If the trend continues, we can expect more than 1,100 students to take the next steps toward enrollment after attending More to Explore.

• Around 700 staff and students will be volunteering at the events (500 at Tempe campus and 200 at the West, Polytechnic and Downtown Phoenix campuses).

Students who visit campus become more invested in enrolling, and one vital reason for this is the connection they form with the people they interact with during their visit. If you are one of the 700 volunteers participating in More to Explore, your time and effort are greatly appreciated. Please help ASU and our future students by engaging with them and helping affirm their decision to attend ASU during their More to Explore experience.

To learn more about More to Explore, please visit or contact Jessica Pauls in Admissions Services, at