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Computer science major lands spot at CGI U 2014

portrait of ASU student Raji Ganesan
January 27, 2014

Raji Ganesan, a computer science major, has been accepted to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) conference happening at Arizona State University March 21-23. ASU News sat down with her to learn about her project and hopes for the event.

1. What intrigued you about CGI U?
I was intrigued by CGI U simply because of how effective it seemed at bringing together young leaders from all over the world, committed to affecting a positive change in a number of social contexts. More importantly however, CGI U had a particular emphasis on groups and individuals that had already taken tangible steps and made progress toward those goals. I simply could not pass up the opportunity to be in the same space as so many inspiring people, because I find that interaction and constructive conversation is vital to making progress in any field. Additionally, I was so excited that the event involves a service activity on the last day, simply because I really value local community involvement.

2. Tell us about your commitment.
I am an undergraduate researcher at ASU's Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing (CUbiC). With the help of the FURI grant, I am helping to develop serious games for stroke rehabilitation on unique smart devices called Sifteo Cubes. My commitment to action is essentially to use technology to empower those with physical or neurological deficiencies. Smart devices allow for us to create tasks that are more motivating and engaging, while acting as a supplement to the vital physician-patient interaction. Each brain, stroke and individual is different, and it is imperative that our methods of rehabilitation reflect that diversity.

3. What are you hoping to learn?
Like with any major academic event or application process, I am hoping to learn more about my own goals. The best part of applying to things like this, and working with others in the process, is that it forces me to honestly assess my progress and hopes while improving my ability to articulate where I hope to go. Also, it goes without saying I am incredibly excited to learn about the other commitments to action - concerning both my field and the other fantastic causes and challenges that students will be addressing.

4. Who are you hoping to network with?
I certainly look forward to meeting students from all over, tackling similar challenges that I am. But I am also really looking forward to the panel of experts and professionals from all the disciplines. It should be a fantastic and enriching experience.

CGI U is now accepting applications for volunteers. To learn more, please visit