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College of Law clinics featured in CLEA newsletter

March 16, 2012

The Post-Conviction Clinic, the Ruth V. McGregor Family Protection Clinic and the Civil Justice Clinic were featured in the Clinical Legal Education Association’s March newsletter.

The Post-Conviction Clinic, directed by Professor Zig Popko, secured its client’s release from a prison after he had been sentenced in 1990 to a 50-year prison term for selling $20 worth of cocaine. After three years of investigation, the clinic and the Arizona Justice Project convinced the prosecution to agree to a resentencing. The client was released from prison and allowed to rejoin his family in December after 21 years in prison.

“We are committed to helping him make the transition from prisoner to contributing member of society,” said the Post-Conviction Clinic in a statement.

The Ruth V. McGregor Family Protection Clinic and the Civil Justice Clinic recently partnered to provide self-help information and consultations during the largest Stand Down in the country for veterans experiencing homelessness.

More than 1,200 veterans attended Stand Down to receive information and help obtaining shelter, clothing, medical services, court services and other forms of government assistance.

Ten students, along with Associate Clinical Professors Jaime Dahlstedt and Marcy Karin, educated the community and talked with veterans about safety planning, orders of protection, custody, disability issues, unemployment insurance, employment protections and other civil laws for the military community.

To read the newsletter, click here.