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Clinton interviewed about social media, self-incrimination

April 21, 2011

Robert Clinton, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Foundation Professor of Law, was interviewed by KSAZ Fox 10 reporter Keith Yaskin in a segment titled, “Social Media and Self-Incrimination,” on April 15.

The article discussed law enforcement’s increasing use of social media to catch criminals who, at times, unintentionally incriminate themselves by making social media updates. For instance, uploading photos shot on a phone with GPS typically includes GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken, which could potentially place you at the scene on the crime.

Clinton argued that many people don’t understand the technology or its full implications.

"It (social media) opens a new avenue because it's a way in which people are voluntarily posting information, which could incriminate them, not realizing that law enforcement has access to it," said Clinton.

To watch the entire interview, click here.

Clinton teaches and writes about federal Indian law, tribal law, Native American history, constitutional law, federal courts, cyberspace law, copyrights and civil procedure. He is an Affiliated Faculty member of the ASU American Indian Studies Program. He also is a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Law, Science & Innovation.

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