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'Clinical Law Review' publishes professor's article

Associate Clinical Professor Marcy Karin
July 25, 2011

An article by associate clinical professor Marcy Karin, director of the College of Law’s Work-Life Policy Unit in the Civil Justice Clinic, has been published in the Spring 2011 volume of the Clinical Law Review of New York University School of Law.

“Toward Integrated Law Clinics that Train Social Change Advocates” was co-authored by Robin Runge, an Assistant Professor at the University of North Dakota School of Law.

The authors draw on their experiences with two integrated clinics, the ASU Civil Justice Clinic which represents servicemembers, veterans and military families, among others, and the Housing and Employment Law Clinic at UND. In both clinics, students explore and use more than one type of legal advocacy simultaneously to achieve social change and assist their communities.

Karin and Runge share their vision of an effective integrated clinic and its contribution to the development of the next generation of social justice advocates. They further explore challenges posed by this model for faculty contemplating redesigning their clinics to achieve broader solutions for society and expanded educational opportunities for students.

To read the full article, click here.

Karin supervises and instructs student attorneys working on behalf of clients in the Civil Justice Clinic. Her research interests include workplace law, policy, and practice, civil justice and litigation, and women’s legal history. Karin is an active member of the national work-life law and policy community. She is regularly invited to speak about the role of thoughtful public policy in this area, and is listed in the Sloan Network’s Who’s Who in Work and Family.