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Civil Justice Clinic in 'Maricopa Lawyer'

July 30, 2009

The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law's Civil Justice Clinic has received a grant from the Maricopa County Bar Foundation to help it continue to provide legal-related assistance to the public, according to the July issue of Maricopa Lawyer.

Directed by Professor Jennifer Barnes, the Clinic received $2,500 from the foundation and was among 13 organizations to be funded this year. The grant will allow the Clinic to continue to pursue justice for homeowners who've been defrauded out of their homes by "foreclosure rescue specialists."

Despite its affiliation with ASU, the Clinic receives no state money to fund client-related expenses, which may include filing, service and witness fees, expert witness expenses and the costs of taking depositions. It relies solely on grants and donations to pay clients' litigation costs.

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