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CHS master’s student returns as communication studies professor

August 07, 2008

Dr. Carla Fisher was working as an editor in Phoenix when she learned about the Communication Studies master’s program. The focus on advocacy, applied and community-centered work was what prompted her to enroll. Now that Fisher has completed her PhD at Penn State, she returns to ASU as assistant professor in the Communication Studies department.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to rejoin the department this year. I think this is one of the best places to conduct applied research that is centered on improving our social lives in the community,” says Fisher. “The applied/advocacy focus makes this department highly distinct from the large scope of communication grad programs currently offered in the United States.”

Dr. Fisher will be teaching Interpersonal Communication Theory and Research this fall and again in the spring, along with Health Communication.

“I am looking forward to meeting students and getting started! I expect students to engage in hard, dedicated work and to maintain discipline as well as motivation to learn and grow,” says Fisher. “They are at an exciting place in their lives and I feel honored to get to be a small part of it.”