Chesler, Holst and Sperling present at Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conferenece

Susan Chesler, Kimberly Holst and Carrie Sperling, associate clinical professors, presented at the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference hosted by the College of Law on March 23-24. Their lecture was titled, “Developing Student’s Professional Identity through Legal Writing Pedagogy.”

Holst and Sperling also served as co-chairs of the conference.

Chesler teaches Legal Method & Writing, Contract Drafting and Negotiating, and other upper-level lawyering skills courses. She is a member of the Legal Writing Institute and other professional organizations focusing on teaching and promoting the use of plain language in the practice of law. She regularly presents at national and regional conferences on different topics, such as using technology in the classroom, teaching drafting and negotiating skills and other legal writing topics.

Holst teaches Legal Methods and Writing as well as upper-level writing and skills courses. Holst’s scholarship focuses on using well-established methods of pedagogy from other disciplines and applying them to the teaching and learning of the law. She has presented on these topics at various conferences around the country. Additionally, Holst has written scholarship in the areas of intellectual property law and criminal procedure.

Sperling is the Executive Director of the Arizona Justice Project, an independent organization housed at the College of Law that uses student volunteers to help inmates overturn wrongful convictions. She teaches Legal Method, Legal Advocacy, and Advanced Persuasion and Creative Advocacy. Her scholarly writing incorporates research from various disciplines to improve advocates’ persuasive techniques.