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Changes to help ASU better manage human resources

April 24, 2007

ASU's Office of Human Resources continues to move forward with its OASIS (Online Administrative and Student Information System) Human Capital Management (HCM) system.

On July 2, all four ASU campuses will implement a universal version of the PeopleSoft OASIS HCM System, which will streamline the administrative functions associated with human resources, including the business operations, staff hiring, employee and manager self-service, payroll, and time, labor and benefits management.

The HCM system, which replaces the university's legacy Human Resources Management System, represents the integration of several systems that will manage all aspects of human resources activities, including:

• Tracking timekeeping electronically.

• Electronic pay stubs will replace paper statements

• Capturing and recording all biographic data for individuals, such as names and addresses.

• Tracking tenure, academic titles and service dates.

• Managing positions.

• Tracking health care enrollments, retirement, leave plans and paid time off.

• Processing the university's payroll.

• Tracking employees' tax records, deductions and direct-deposit information.

• Digitizing paper-based processes, such as the personnel action form (PAF).

• Electronic pay stubs will replace paper statements.

• Supporting a more robust reporting environment.

The two most significant HCM system changes include the change to a biweekly payroll system and a conversion to a “positive punch time recording” system for all non-exempt employees. After that date, employees will be paid over 26 paychecks, versus the 24-paycheck system currently in place.

Also, all non-exempt employees will be required to record their time in and out of the workplace via an online, OASIS-supplied “Web Clock.”

Employee self-service is another new addition. Employees will be able to view checks and advices online, make changes to W-4 forms, request direct deposit and make changes to personal data.

The move will allow ASU to maximize the capabilities of the PeopleSoft OASIS Human Capital Management (HCM) system and enhance the university community with “best practices” human resources services.

As the New American University continues to grow, the new HCM system also will grow by adding business process improvements and self-service tools, says Christine Cervantes, senior director of the Office of Human Resources.

More details about these changes can be found at the Office of Human Resources' Web site