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Carillonneur to present recital May 31

May 01, 2013

Jacob Hofeling, the Arizona State Credit Union Student Carillonneur, will present his second recital at 5:30 p.m., May 31.

The concert may be heard live around the Memorial Union and on Old Main Lawn. Those who wish to see the carillon and hear the music may listen from the Lower Level of Old Main.

Hofeling is an organ performance major at Arizona State University.

Hofeling began his keyboard studies with piano teacher Roxie Owens when he was 8 years old in Show Low, Ariz.  Hofeling now plays the organ for his local church congregation and gives piano lessons himself. He hopes to teach piano and organ at the college level.

Hofeling’s father, Michael Hofeling, said Jacob began playing for church services at age 12, and studied Rachmaninoff “almost exclusively” in his senior year of high school.

“Jacob’s desire to continue to excel in music is a blessing to our family. We have all learned to fall asleep at home while Jacob pounds away late into the night. He is a gifted piano and organ player, and a gifted accompanist as well. It is an honor for him and for his family to have him playing the carillon at ASU.”

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