Capstone film shorts preview Dec. 9

Spend Friday night at the movies in Galvin Playhouse on the Tempe campus when graduating students in the School of Theatre and Film's Capstone Film Projects course present seven short films.

The free screening begins at 7 p.m., Dec. 9 with each of the films running between 3 and 12 minutes in length. The student filmmakers are: Ryan Zweig, directing Girls Just Want to Have Fun; David Breschel and Damir Pacenkovic, director and editor, respectively, of Becoming Hook; Liz Mignarri, director of Epitaph; Andric Booker and Brett Leviton, director and producer of music videos Back to the Topic and Eddie Long; Jesus Quinonez, director and Pecenkovic and Neal Schrodetzki  editor and sound designer, respectively, of The Hunt and Hayley Kosan, director of The Understudy, produced by Leviton with original music by Schrodetzki.

Bring your own popcorn and enjoy the talents of these future filmmakers.
The Herberger Film and Media Production (FMP) program in the Herberger Institute provides students the experience to create in a free and open environment while considering the ethics and role of film in society. Capstone Film Projects are created by graduating students and are the culmination of their student careers in film.