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'Cambridge University Press' publishes Kornhauser works

July 17, 2009

A new anthology published by Cambridge University Press, Critical Tax Theory: An Introduction, includes exceprts from four previously published articles authored by Professor Marjorie Kornhauser of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.

They are: "The Rhetoric of the Anti-Progressive Income Tax Movement: A Typical Male Reaction," (originally published in the Michigan Law Review); "A Legislator Named Sue: Re-Imagining the Income Tax," (originally published in The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice); "A Taxing Woman: The Relationship of Feminist Scholarship to Tax," (originally published in Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies) and "Love, Money and the IRS: Family, Income-Sharing and the Joint Income Tax Return," (originally published in the Hastings Law Journal).

Kornhauser's research focuses on the intersection of federal income taxation and society, and explores the philosophical, social, political, gendered and historical aspects of taxation. She frequently lectures both nationally and internationally, writes extensively on taxation topics, and currently is working on an article concerning taxation in the 1930s for a forthcoming issue of Law and Contemporary Problems.

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