Calleros presents at International Conference on Contracts

Professor Charles Calleros presented at the 7th Annual International Conference on Contracts in San Diego on March 2.

He summarized his research on the way promissory estoppel has evolved differently in England and the United States. Although promissory estoppel in both countries evolved from a common origin of fact-based estoppel in pais, only the U.S. version is available as an affirmative cause of action for damages, while the English version is limited to defensive use – as shield against the claims of others – with limited exception.

Calleros explored possible explanations for this divergence within the common law world and concluded by engaging in broader comparison of legal theories for enforcement of promises in England, France and the United States.

Calleros’ research interests include the intersection of race and gender discrimination and free speech; various issues regarding legal education, and international and comparative contract law. He teaches courses in contracts, international contracts, and civil rights legislation at the College of Law. At the Université Paris Descartes, he annually teaches short courses in common law legal method, comparative and international contracts and international conflict of Laws.