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Calleros lectures at European universities

June 17, 2013

Professor Charles Calleros, from the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, lectured at the University of Paris and at the University of Münster during the month of June.

From June 3-8, Calleros taught a short course in Comparative Contract Law and International Conflict of Laws at the Université Paris Descartes to European students who speak English and are studying common law systems. He also taught a course at the University of Münster in Germany on June 13 on statutory interpretation in a common law system, as a guest lecturer in Professor Thomas Lundmark’s course on the common law.

Calleros’ research interests include international and comparative contract law; international conflict of laws; the intersection of free speech with race and gender discrimination; and various issues regarding legal education. At ASU, he teaches Contracts, International Contracts, Civil Rights Legislation, and Legal Method and Writing, using his own published textbooks for Contracts and Legal Method and Writing.