Calleros article published in book

An article by Professor Charles Calleros, “Hernandez v. Texas: A Milepost on the Road to Civil Rights for Latinos,” was published as a chapter in Linda Edwards’ new book, "Pleadings in Persuasion: Briefs that Change the World" (Aspen, 2012).

Calleros analyzes Hernandez, a U.S. Supreme Court opinion that applied the Equal Protection clause in a novel fashion two weeks before Brown v. Board of Education

His article explores various interpretations of the Court’s conception of the class defined by Latinos and, focusing on the Court’s reference to the Mexican-American “ancestry” of the excluded class, Calleros views Hernandez as heralding a conception of race that the Court did not fully explain until more than 30 years later in St. Francis College v. Al-Khazraji.

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Calleros’ research interests include international and comparative contract law, international conflict of laws, the intersection of free speech with race and gender discrimination, and various issues regarding legal education. At ASU, he teaches Contracts, International Contracts, Civil Rights Legislation, and Legal Method and Writing, using his own published textbooks for Contracts and Legal Method and Writing. At the Universite Paris Descartes, he annually teaches short courses in Common Law Legal Method, Comparative and International Contracts, and International Conflict of Laws.