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Burr named one of 'Arizona’s Finest Lawyers'

Timothy Burr
October 25, 2011

Timothy Burr, director of the Foreclosure Mediation Unit at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, was selected as one of “Arizona’s Finest Lawyers,” a highly competitive legal association membership.

Burr will join the ranks of other College of Law faculty at, such as emeritus Professor Michael Berch, who is on the advisory board, and Senior Policy Advisor Gary Stuart, President and CEO of the association.

The Foreclosure Mediation Unit provides mediation services between lenders and residential borrowers facing foreclosure and conducts educational programs for the general public related to housing issues. Burr has significant expertise in the emerging area of multi-jurisdictional practice. He is the author of a petition to the Arizona Supreme Court, which resulted in the subsequent adoption by the Court of an admission on motion rule for Arizona. Burr was appointed by the Court to serve on the Admission on Motion Task Force.

Megan Stewart,
Office of Communications, College of Law