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Bodansky speaks at European University Institute

Daniel Bodansky
October 19, 2011

Daniel Bodansky, ASU Lincoln Professor of Law, Ethics and Sustainability, participated at the European University Institute symposium, “Global Public Goods and the Plurality of Legal Orders,” in Florence, Italy, on Oct. 24-25.

Participants of the symposium will discuss the interaction of different legal orders, including international and domestic law, along with their contributions to establishing and maintaining global public goods.

Bodansky is a preeminent authority on global climate change whose teaching and research focus on international environmental law and public international law. He teaches courses in international law and sustainability and is a key player in the College of Law’s new Program on Law and Sustainability. Bodansky also is an Affiliate Faculty Member in the law school’s Center for Law and Global Affairs and the Center for Law, Science & Innovation, and an Affiliate Faculty Member in the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability’s School of Sustainability.