Bodansky to beat the heat in Vermont

Daniel Bodansky
<p> <a href="">… Bodansky</a>, ASU Lincoln Professor of Law, Ethics, and Sustainability at the Sandra Day O&#39;Connor College of Law, is the Distinguished International Environmental Law Scholar in residence at the Vermont Law School in South Royalton, through June 24.</p><separator></separator><p> Bodansky is a preeminent authority on global climate change whose teaching and research focus on international environmental law and public international law. He teaches courses in international law and sustainability and is a key player in the College of Law&rsquo;s new Program on Law and Sustainability. Bodansky also is an Affiliate Faculty Member in the law school&rsquo;s Center for Law and Global Affairs and the Center for Law, Science &amp; Innovation, and an Affiliate Faculty Member in the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability&rsquo;s School of Sustainability.</p><separator></separator><p> Janie Magruder, <a href=""></a><br /> (480) 727-9052<br /> Sandra Day O&#39;Connor College of Law</p>