Bike round-up slated for May 8

ASU Police will conduct its annual bike round-up on the ASU campuses, May 8. Any bicycles that have clearly been abandoned – missing a seat or missing a wheel, for example – will be collected by ASU Police and sent to ASU Surplus. The purpose of the round-up is to preserve campus aesthetics and to keep bike racks clear of any discarded bicycles that could otherwise be used for bikes that are actively in use. The round-up also assists with crime reduction efforts.

“Removing the abandoned bicycles decreases the draw for bicycle thieves, as they like to prey on abandoned bicycles knowing we often cannot find a victim,” says ASU Police Sergeant Larry Fuchtman. “This increases the frequency and number of thefts on campus. Removing these bicycles helps our patrol more easily do surveillance on bike racks since there are fewer to watch.” 

As a reminder, Sun Devils are strongly encouraged to register their bikes at As the bikes are gathered during the round-up, they are checked against the bike registration and stolen reports in an effort to identify owners and potentially recover reported stolen bicycles.

Any questions regarding the bike round-up can be directed to ASU Police at