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Bender quoted in ‘Christian Science Monitor’

September 15, 2010

Professor Paul Bender of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law was quoted recently in a Christian Science Monitor article about a legal defense fund of Arizona’s controversial new immigration bill that is flush with money from contributors around the country.

In “Arizona immigration law: Funds roll in from across U.S. to defend it,” correspondent Lourdes Medrano reported that a fund established by Gov. Jan Brewer to help the state defend against lawsuits challenging the new law has received $3.6 million from about 41,000 sympathizers. The law has been contested by the U.S. Justice Department, among others, and costs to defend it could reach several million dollars.

Bender told Medrano the costs will skyrocket quickly, especially if the legal battle lands in the U.S. Supreme Court.

“If you hire a big law firm to work on a case like this, and they charge you on an hourly basis, the amounts can become quite large very quickly,” he said.

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