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Barrett hosts moving party on Metro

February 03, 2009

Hundreds of Arizona State University students will jump on the “Sol Train” this week in hopes of finding enlightenment as well as prizes and giveaways.

“The Barrett Light Rail Party,” sponsored by Barrett, the Honors College at the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus, has organized a scavenger hunt to expose the ASU community to the Metro Light Rail, which made its debut on Dec. 27.

“We at ASU are excited about the new light rail system, which has expanded our transit options and allows students and staff to travel between campuses, to classes and work as well as explore, shop and play,” says Laura Peck, Barrett associate dean . “Our enthusiasm for light rail and the many opportunities surrounding it compel a special outing.”

The five-hour event starts 4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 6 at the Barrett Center Complex at the Tempe campus and will end at 9 p.m. at the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus, University Center, 411 N. Central Ave., Phoenix. More than 200 Barrett students, faculty and staff from four ASU campuses will be given a list of items to find or photograph from businesses and organizations along the entire 20-mile light rail system.  Nearly 30 local businesses are participating and will open their doors to the party teams in search of a scavenger hunt item while others have donated items for prize packages. Prizes include: Arizona Diamondback and Phoenix Roadrunner tickets, gift cards and certificates, discount admissions and coupons.

Team members must obtain their free student transit pass before riding or all-day Metro passes can be purchased for $2.50 on the day of the event.

For more information on the Barrett Light Rail Party, visit

Jill Johnson
Program Coordinator, Sr.
Barrett, The Honors College
(602) 496-0557