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A back to school message for ASU students from the Arizona Board of Regents

August 22, 2014

Editor's note: The following is a message from Arizona Board of Regents President Eileen I. Klein.

Dear Arizona State University Students:

It’s the time of year where I love to say the following: Welcome and welcome back to new freshmen and returning students at Arizona State University and to the students at Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona as well! A new school year is like a new season, bringing fresh hopes, goals, opportunities and excitement for students, faculty and administrators across our campuses. You can feel the ambitious, renewed energy around campuses in the first few weeks. It’s in the air every year at this time and it energizes all of us.

As you begin your journey this year, remember that we are the sum of our choices. Those choices are made every minute of every day. Your success at ASU will be the direct result of the choices you make.  What follows are a few choices I hope you make because it will help ensure your success.

Choose rigor: Approach your studies with the discipline that you know will make your family and your professors proud. Your choice of how intensely you study will directly affect your academic success. We want each of you to graduate. It affects your future and the future of our great state, which values your contribution to the economy.

Choose engagement: We value our student voices. Our universities are places that respect ideas and value diversity of thought. As an academic community of relentless learners, we are constantly seeking to discover what we still have to learn. For you to excel, you can help us help you by letting us know what’s on your mind. Ask us questions. Seek information from us. Your voice will be heard. Engage in your community as well. Choose to make your community, your country and the world a better place.  Offer your time to mentor a young student.  Give your talent to support a worthwhile project.  Share your ideas to solve important issues.

Choose safety: We have a commitment to your safety and well-being above all else. We are building a safe environment that focuses on your success. You play a critical role in this too. Be aware, be in communication and be ready to help a fellow student in need.

And lastly, choose happiness: These are some of the greatest and most memorable years of your life. Embrace each day with good cheer and an open mind.

Every single person in our organization is on a mission – to make sure your degree matters, to build something bigger for our state, and our nation. We are proud to have you as a member of the community. Again, welcome and welcome back – and good luck.

Yours in the pursuit of knowledge,

Eileen I. Klein